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Ultra-Processed Foods Linked to Preventable Deaths (EatThis.com)

Dr. Dawn Sherling was recently featured in EatThis.com’s article:
Ultra-Processed Foods Linked to Premature, Preventable Deaths, New Study Finds

“Ultra-Processed Foods Linked to Premature, Preventable Deaths, New Study Finds”

From the original article on EatThis.com:

“The findings contribute to a mounting body of evidence that ultra-processed foods are contributing to disease and premature deaths in a very similar fashion to tobacco use,” Dawn Harris Sherling, MD, FACP, DABOM, Clinical Affiliate Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine at Florida Atlantic University College of Medicine, tells Eat This, Not That! “The scariest part of this study as an American, however, is that in this study done with Brazilian data, it is estimated that only about 20% of their diet was ultra-processed. In the US, studies estimate that nearly 60% of the average diet is ultra-processed. It’s not scientifically sound to just triple the estimate for the US population, but it does raise very scary implications for the health of the population here.”

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